Using automated queries to simplify existing ERP systems

February 14, 2017

M1 Platform


Our client who is a global manufacturer made a number of acquisitions over the past decade. Each business used a different ERP system, containing a significant amount of data. Users needed to collect, clean up and present global performance data in a simple, accessible format, ready for management to analyze – but they were struggling to extract the information they needed without logging in to several systems and running multiple queries.

The background

Organizations working with incompatible, legacy ERP systems made it hard for users to extract the data management needed to get a clear picture of global performance – and the issues they may need to address to improve productivity, and therefore profitability.

The unique solution

InfoPlanIT introduced the M1 Platform to create several customized pages that automatically perform the queries necessary for users to extract and collect data from their businesses around the world. Using these automated queries, we were able to present all the data users require in one place, and in a customized, easy-to-analyze format. Employees now log in to a central system that gives them all the information they need – saving significant time and effort in the process.


Results, return on investment and future plans

Since being implemented it has been a quick and easy process for staff to collect global data on sales orders, inventories, and audit information. A single log-in presents all the information they need in a clear and simple format, ready to submit to management in the form of dashboards, charts or graphs. Users can opt to view this data online, or export it to Excel for manipulation and analysis, as required. The newly streamlined process also enables employees within each enterprise to simply and quickly access additional data from their ERP – saving significant time in the process.

The next step for this manufacturer is to act on plans to incorporate additional data reporting areas, to maximize the value of the information held within their ERP systems. Until then, they are enjoying the efficiency and savings made possible by the M1 Platform.

Remove the pain from your data processes

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Bob Andreini

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