Streamlining complex migrations for manufacturers

February 14, 2017

M1 Platform


The acquisition of a complex enterprise – and the resulting need to integrate that enterprise into an existing ERP system – was causing significant headaches for a global manufacturer. Migrating the data from the old system to the new system was generating endless data rule violations, which were absorbing significant user time to resolve. Using the M1 Platform, we quickly created customized pages that would seek out data errors in the legacy system.

The data in the error pages updated nightly, giving the migration team a list of the errors that existed within the data, and providing an accurate road map to existing bottlenecks that needed to be addressed. 


The background

Our client was in the process of integrating the new enterprise into the their existing ERP system. The migration was fraught with difficulty. Data between the two systems was incompatible, resulting in a large number of data rule violations that were taking staff a great deal of time and effort to reconcile – with significant cost implications. Identifying the data errors in the existing system was problematic. For example, the new system required purchase orders to be a maximum of eight characters, while the legacy system contained several thousand purchase orders with nine or ten-character references.

The unique solution

InfoPlanIT used the M1 Platform to create customized pages that crawl the legacy system looking for data errors overnight, and provide users with a list of the errors and the data reviewed the following day. This streamlined process provides an accurate way of tracking the progress made in the migration of information from the old ERP system to the new, as well as identifying issues that need to be resolved.

As staff worked their way through the complex migration process, loading data into the new ERP system, we created several more pages to give them access to the new numbers assigned to existing data. These pages provide a cross reference between the two different purchase orders created by the move – enabling them to use the old reference to look up the new reference, both quickly and easily.

Results, return on investment and future plans

Not only has the M1 Platform simplified a highly complex data migration process – ironing out errors and enabling the transfer of data to be carried out simply and efficiently – it’s equipped the migration team with an accurate picture of any data bottlenecks that needed to be addressed.

Remove the pain from your data processes

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