Streamlining data migration processes

February 14, 2017

M1 Platform


Our client, a global manufacturer in the defense and medical industries, was struggling to migrate a business unit to its central ERP system. Users needed to be able to verify the data being sent without gaining access to the system itself. Using our popular M1 Platform, we created an easy-to-use interface that provides users with a master list of the data sources being used to populate the new system, enabling them to review the source data quickly and easily. The visibility of the master files has greatly reduced the time required to complete the migration process both accurately and efficiently.


The background

A global manufacturer was migrating a business unit to the corporate parent’s ERP system. Staff needed access to the data for verification purposes, without being granted direct access to the system. This complex and long-winded process was proving time-consuming – and therefore expensive – for the teams involved.


The unique solution

We used the M1 Platform to provide users with a master list of the data sources used to supply the new system. This simple-to-use interface means staff can review and verify the data before safely uploading it into the new system.


Results, return on investment and future plans

The visibility of the master files – and the inherent ability to quickly and easily review the data within them – greatly reduced the time taken for the migration process. Once the review process is complete, users can quickly and easily share their progress with other members of the migration team. The M1 Platform has since been deployed by the manufacturer to help streamline other areas of system migration.

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George Cotinghiu

One of our senior DBAs here at InfoPlanIT, George has been working with data throughout his career. Heavily involved in migration, data mapping, automation and implementation projects he is very knowledgeable with regards to understanding customer pain points in these processes