Fifteen days that saved 200 hours every month

February 14, 2017

M1 Platform



InfoPlanIT spent just fifteen days with a multi-site manufacturing company in transforming the way they measure the performance of their business – instantly saving them over 200 man hours, every month.

The background

With sites around the world, it was taking far too long for users to extract and retrieve the KPI data management needed to establish how their business was performing. Each site spent an average of three days every month collating their data – it simply wasn’t sustainable.

Retrieving and collating the data took so much time and effort that management were left with no time to analyse the data, and therefore improve the productivity – and profitability – of their business. They needed a solution that could automate the collection of the data – but each of their sites used a different system to produce, hold and retrieve it. The solution would need to become the sole repository, as well as including a separate calculation model that was completely independent of any collection.

The unique solution

InfoPlanIT’s M1 platform instantly collates and presents companies’ data in a visual format – wherever it’s stored, and whatever format it’s in. Our easy-to-use platform collects, aligns and clearly presents data to help businesses manage their performance, and save time and money – removing the pain from previously time-consuming, ineffective processes. The M1 Metrics Manager securely stores all collated information as charts, tables and reports that staff can access from any platform and use to truly manage and analyze their KPI data.

In just fifteen days we reviewed, streamlined (automated where possible) and improved the company’s work processes and procedures for compiling and generating a monthly operations report. They were able to reduce the cycle time to to produce the report while saving over 200 man hours every month.

Results, return on investment and future plans

The data presented by the M1 Metrics Manager directs them to pursue the most profitable opportunities and address the most vital needs. Now, instead of spending time gathering data across the company’s sites each month, staff spend that time measuring and comparing performance, analyzing trends in their data, and assessing how they can use it to make the business more profitable and successful.

Remove the pain from your data processes

For a deeper look into how InfoPlanIT’s M1 Metrics solution can help you to access, visualize, and integrate data from all your sources, let’s talk. In a 30 to 60-minute phone call, we’ll discuss your challenges and walk you through how we can permanently streamline your processes. What’s more, we achieve over 80% of this in less than a month, on average.

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Bob Andreini

President and Founder of InfoPlanIT, LLC and InfoPlanIT UK Ltd. An expert in integrations, process and data management. Bob is the architect of the InfoPlanIT product lines and draws from his 25+ years of industry experience to analyze business processes and translate them to business solutions that solve problems.