Enabling an accurate snapshot of the US economy

February 14, 2017

M1 Platform


InfoPlanIT helped US real estate development, brokerage and research firm, RealtyMetrix, create national indices to provide snapshot views of the US economy to its management and clients.

The background

 US businesses that were paying close attention to economic indicators in 2007 and 2008 were able to adjust their behaviors and somewhat mitigate the effects of the global financial crisis by identifying and reacting to spikes in various areas of the economy. Commercial real estate data specialists, RealtyMetrix (RMX), wanted a range of indices that provided an in-depth summary of the US economy that its senior staff and clients could analyze and act upon.

The financial data for such a summary needed to come from more than 20 public and private data sources that were updated daily. But how? RMX invited bids from a number of IT providers, but all their solutions involved purchasing expensive software and creating data warehouses with a project timeline of a year. RMX needed help – and fast.

The unique solution

Introducing our M1 Platform has removed the manual aspects of data collection and validation for RMX, thereby maximizing data integrity and accuracy. Users can now to collate, consolidate and validate national economic data from a large number of different sources using our flexible solution. 

What’s more, we were able to achieve all of this within just three months – a significant improvement on the one-year time frame quoted by the other technology providers. InfoPlanIT collaborated with RealtyMetrix to create an IP index with four sub-indices: US economic employment, credit, housing and manufacturing. We introduced the M1 Platform to import complex data from a multitude of sources, and to present and deliver the resulting information using Visual Analyzer – our simple-to-use, web-based visualization tool.

Results, return on investment and future plans

           Using the M1 Platform, RMX were able to reduce the project timeline from 12 months to just three months – delivering massive cost savings in the process. We continue to work with them to create additional indices for the US economy, as well as parallel indices for the European economy.

“InfoPlanIT made our complex project simple, thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the M1 Platform.”  RealtyMetrix

Remove the pain from your data processes

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Bob Andreini

President and Founder of InfoPlanIT, LLC and InfoPlanIT UK Ltd. An expert in integrations, process and data management. Bob is the architect of the InfoPlanIT product lines and draws from his 25+ years of industry experience to analyze business processes and translate them to business solutions that solve problems.