Creating customized commission reports

February 14, 2017

M1 Platform


A client needed help with their commission tracking and payment system. As well as being expensive, the system they were using didn’t provide permissioning systems or limit data access to authorized users – leaving it vulnerable to error and manipulation. InfoPlanIT created an affordable, easy-to-use commission payment solution that enables staff to quickly and easily access the data they need, without the ability to access the system itself.

The background

The old method relied on using over-complicated Excel files to load information from an external system. Multiple users from various departments needed access to the data in order to calculate the commission payable across various regions, areas and divisions. But relying on Excel to share the data meant the old system had significant limitations – and with numerous users having access to the system itself, things could go wrong in the process.

The unique solution

We used the M1 Platform to create various customized commission reports that present commission data in an easy-to-use format. Our solution replaced numerous complex Excel files with a single authoritative source of information that is automated and up-to-date. Now, data permissioning features mean only authorized users can access the data they need – eliminating the vulnerability involved in allowing multiple users access to the system.

Results, return on investment and future plans

The new automated system requires minimal updates, reducing the time and associated costs of management by the company’s IT specialists. Multiple bloated Excel files have been replaced by a stable and reliable source of up-to-the-minute commission data that users can access both quickly and simply – in the format they require – without needing access to a database server.

Remove the pain from your data processes

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Bob Andreini

President and Founder of InfoPlanIT, LLC and InfoPlanIT UK Ltd. An expert in integrations, process and data management. Bob is the architect of the InfoPlanIT product lines and draws from his 25+ years of industry experience to analyze business processes and translate them to business solutions that solve problems.