Introducing the M1 Platform

The powerful, easy-to-use, highly configurable M1 Platform from InfoPlanIT enables your business to start treating your data as the critical business asset it is. Separating, automating and managing the centralizing, clean up and presentation of data means you can focus on increasing productivity and profitability.

Your mission control center

InfoPlanIT’s M1 Platform consolidates and presents your current data in a visual format, so it’s easier than ever to understand what it means to your business.

Think of it as a centralized mission control center for monitoring your organization’s vital signs which has both ease of use and flexibility. From exec levels to front and back end metrics management the M1 platform provides in-depth insight into the top 1% of your organisations vital signs, best of all, anywhere from any device.

Visual Analyzer

At its core, data visualization is the visual representation of information with a good dose of innovation and creativity. With Visual Analyzer you can increase business awareness using a collection of stock and customized charts to present your data in the format that makes sense to each department or user. Great news when you consider that 28% of managers find it easier to make informed decisions using visual data.

Metrics Manager

A powerful metrics and KPI calculation engine. Assign targets to provide context and implement tracking over many dimensions. Crunch all your important data and store it centrally, where you can use it to create powerful dashboards that you can access anywhere at anytime.

Data Integration

Collect and transform your data from virtually anywhere via customized scripts or even using specialized Excel models. Our two-way integration engine enables seamless data movement and automation. Add to that tailor-made web enabled apps which are seamlessly embed within the M1 Platform providing functionality wherever and whenever you need it.

The M1 Benefits

Creates a culture of measurement and performance
No more bloated, error-filled Excel spreadsheets
Information from any source, available on any device
An automated, data collection process tailored for you