Treat your data as the critical business asset it is.

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Maximize your performance data to create a culture of excellence

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 
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Bridging the gap between acquisition and integration

The greatest pain point for companies in mergers and acquisitions is combining technology, finances and operations.
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Delivering US/EU economic indicators

InfoPlanIT created the United States and European Union IPIT Economic Indices.
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Operational excellence

You’ve heard the saying: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. But all too often, the process of collecting the data you need to analyze your business performance can be fraught with problems. Continuous improvement is one of the most overused phrases in today’s business world. It’s the holy grail for every switched on, savvy business. But continuous improvement is so much more than a cliché, it’s essential for successful businesses. Read more.


All of your key data points, from disparate sources, in any format using our tool sets


Bring it all together. Visualize the entire organization from a single pane of glass view


Create a culture of improvement. Review the data from anywhere on any device with anyone in the organization

Mergers and acquisitions

The greatest pain points for organizations in mergers and acquisitions are meshing technology, finances and operations. It is common for organizations to focus more on the daily business transactions and less on the integration aspect due to their complexities, often leaving you with a significant gap in being able to monitor and manage your business. Read more.

Due Dilligence

Tracking all your key data points before the transaction. Help you with your pre-acquisition assessment 


Receive timely data to manage your newly acquired asset so that you hit the ground running from day one.


Experienced with over 40 integrations over the course of our history across multiple disciplines and industries

About InfoPlanIT

- Our Mission -

To provide Performance Dashboards for the Manufacturing and Capital Markets (Asset Management) sectors.  We are the industry’s first Metrics as a Service (MaaS™) provider, enabling companies to focus on their business while we ensure they have the performance data they need delivered to the right people at the right time!

Our MaaS™ solutions are a perfect fit for Manufacturing single or multi-site operations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Asset Management (building portfolio), Compliance, Restructuring, Turnaround, and anyone wanting to lead a metric-driven organization.  Our unique and proven Top Down Approach enables us to deliver Metrics and KPI’s to your key stake holders in days, with little or no direct system integration or need for internal IT resources.   This enables you to define your metric strategy, and even start with a proof of concept until you get acceptance from the key stakeholders within your organization.  MaaS™ is ideal for long term or interim projects and even situations where data is not directly accessible, and you need to consolidate it with existing operating data.  InfoPlanIT can semi automate or fully automate the entire process as your business requires it.

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Business Benefits

Whether you want a custom solution designed for your business or a simple, off-the-shelf platform that works for you, we can walk you through the options.

Results in weeks, not months, saves time and money
Utilize new and existing data for decision making
Customized setup, excellent support, easy to use
Flexible licensing model from a few users to hundreds