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metrics as a service

Metrics as a Service (MaaS™)


Our Mission

To provide Performance Dashboards for the Manufacturing, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Asset Management sectors. We are the industry’s first Metrics as a Service (MaaS™) provider, enabling companies to focus on their business while we ensure they have the performance data they need delivered to the right people at the right time!

Our MaaS™ solutions are a perfect fit for Manufacturing single or multi-site operations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Asset Management, Compliance, Restructuring, Turnaround, and anyone wanting to lead a metric-driven organization. Our unique and proven Top-Down Approach enables us to deliver Metrics and KPI’s to your key stakeholders in days, with little or no direct system integration or need for internal IT resources. This enables you to define your metric strategy and even start with a proof of concept until you get acceptance from the key stakeholders within your organization. MaaS™ is ideal for long-term or interim projects and even situations where data is not directly accessible, and you need to consolidate it with existing operating data. InfoPlanIT can semi-automate or fully automate the entire process as your business requires it.

Beyond just measuring and monitoring performance, the industry’s first Metrics as a Service (MaaS™) delivers solutions that help business managers make better decisions and rapidly respond to changing business situations.

  • Companies achieve higher productivity and top performance by linking strategy to individual actions.
  • Improve the availability and quality of information for key decision-makers.
  • Encourage preferred behavior by delivering real-time performance feedback on activities that are most critical to an organization's success.

Performance dashboards provide benefits to:

  • Team Members – People perform best when the “rules of play” are precise and the scoring method is clear.
  • Customers – Can count on a consistently positive experience from an organization where the “rules of play” are tracked.
  • Owners and Managers – A business that provides clear expectations and real-time performance feedback can be managed on a real-time basis. Therefore, has greater control over its own destiny.
  • Shareholders – Businesses that operate with leading indicators are better predictors and managers of future outcomes.
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Performance Driven Results!

Manufacturing Metrics

Six must-have manufacturing metrics:

  • Sales Revenue, On-Time Delivery, Total Backlog
  • Past Due Backlog, Inventory Value, Warranty Costs

These metrics are critical to your business which, when measured correctly, will make a real difference in streamlining your processes and improving productivity. Therefore increasing profitability.

InfoPlanIT’s straight forward solution enables you to deliver the necessary performance data quickly and efficiently to your key stakeholders.

What’s more, our solution is completely customizable to reflect the metrics you want to measure and whatever benchmarks are necessary to give your data context and meaning.

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Visualize Your General Ledger!

Financial Transparency & Consolidation

Regardless if you are an established company or recently acquired a new operating unit, you must-have the financials consolidated and available for your key stakeholders on time every month.

Starting with standard financial statements, we map your detailed accounts to a standardized consolidation account level. Regardless of what statutory reporting your various GL systems are using they can all be mapped into this standard and converted into your base currency of choice.

Once your accounts are mapped, we take your budget (or help you develop one) and map it to your accounts, providing context and targets for how your business is performing.

Using pre-built metrics, KPIs and reports (or ones you define), you can visualize your general ledger and gain insights for your entire organization.

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Get Your Team Ready!

Human Resources Integration

Human Resources are critical for mergers and acquisitions to ensure the retention of the best talent. We believe our solution can significantly benefit your business unit during due diligence or immediately after the acquisition.

To get started, you can upload a file with employee information in which we consolidate your departments, locations and entities into a single source which can be readily shared with your key stakeholders.

Instantly see your new (or existing) employee base in a different light. Quickly discover insights into various aspects while providing a straightforward view of the most critical part of your organization, your employees!

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Share & Collaborate Securely!

Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual Data Rooms are the cornerstone for document sharing and collaboration in the M&A and Capital Markets. Our VDR’s are easy to set up and use, with very little administrative or end-user training.

Upload documents one at a time or by dragging and dropping an entire folder. Each document is assigned a unique serial number for consistent reference. Adding users is easy and controlling access for viewing, uploading, deleting can be managed by room administrators.

Our Data Rooms are ideal for the due diligence phase all the way through integration. Combining a Data Room with our other solutions creates the perfect collaborative, visibility, and transparency solution for your organization.

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