Make better business decisions using the data you already have

Are you making the most of your data? Business intelligence enables your staff to make better decisions, and to be more productive in their jobs.

With the right tools, you can use the information that already exists within your business to make your company more profitable and successful.
Whether you need help with reporting and analytics, streamlining process, developing a new strategy or improving an existing one, InfoPlanIT has the software and solutions to help you.
We'll help you collect, clean up and clearly present your data — wherever it's stored, and whatever format it's in — to help you manage your business performance and save time and money.

Your mission control center

InfoPlanIT’s Visual Analyzer instantly collates and presents your current data in a visual format, so it’s easier than ever to understand what it means to your business.

Think of Visual Analyzer as your mission control center for monitoring your company’s vital signs. This easy-to-use platform presents all your data in one place – from financial, sales, and operational information to compliance, quality, and more.

Charts, tables and reports can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – giving you the information you need when and where you need it

Corporate performance management

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are vital to the success of any company. InfoPlanIT's products and solutions make it easier than ever to measure and compare your performance.

Visual Analyzer quickly provides an overview of your company's performance in your choice of format. This efficient platform can run in the cloud or on your own servers — whatever works best for you.

Sales and forecast review

Your sales, bookings, backlog, budget and forecast figures are clearly presented in one places — making them easy to understand, easy to update, and easy to communicate.

Now your company's performance data can be accessed on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Keep your management and sales team focused on their goals, and quickly identify business opportunities and areas for concern.

The Benefits

Save time and money

Get results from the information you already have

Simple to set up — and easy to use

Flexible licenses, from single user to thousands of users

No Databases.
No Servers.
No Support Staff.

Whether you want a custom solution designed for your business or a simple, off-the-shelf platform that works for you, our expert staff can talk you through your options.

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